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Video is Buffering
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Buffering at the start of your video stream is common, especially if you are at a location with a slower internet connection. The video player may be attempting to find the best quality video to display the content in order to provide the best viewing experience.


If the video continues to buffer after the first 10 seconds, try checking your internet speed (e.g.,, For best results, we recommend a minimum connection speed of 10 Mbps for live streaming. If your internet speed is not optimal (below 10 Mbps), we recommend the following:


  • Limit other devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) from using the network that you are using for the web stream.
  • Do not start large downloads or uploads while streaming.
  • Have only one internet tab open on the computer you are using for the web stream. 
  • Manually change the bit-rate on the player. Access the Settings menu by hovering over the bottom right of the player and clicking on the wheel icon: You will see a menu that says “Quality.” Select a lower bitrate to improve your viewing experience.
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