Where can I find registration and pricing information for The Global Leadership Summit: Special Edition

US Guests: Click here

Canada Guests: Click here

International Guests: Please contact your local GLS office. 

Can I buy one ticket to share with my group? 

No. To experience all the interactive elements of the virtual event, each member of your group will need an individual ticket. 

How can I update attendee information? 

Each registered attendee is able to update their information independently. If you registered a group; you can also update the information of your group members.  

Can I share my ticket with someone if I can’t attend the entire event? 

We do not provide the option to share tickets between multiple individuals. The event has been designed as a holistic experience best attended in its entirety. 

Can I add additional registrations? 

Yes, you are able to purchase additional tickets under a new transaction and new email address, but we are unable to add additional tickets to an already existing order. If you require assistance with additional tickets, please feel free to submit a ticket to our GLN Support Team and we will be happy to serve you 

What is your policy on the cancellation, hold, and transfer of tickets? 


Please contact our GLN Support Team for a refund of your conference fees less a *$7.00 cancellation fee per person. (*The reason for the cancellation fee is to cover various processing costs and pre-purchased conference materials.) Deadline for cancellation is Monday, February 15th at 4:00pm CST. 

To cancel your ticket(s), submit a support ticket to our GLN Support Team