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Why are your phones turned off during events?
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In an effort to accommodate the increased volume of comments, questions, requests, and concerns during our events our team has created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about our events, resources, and logistical questions right here at

You may also access your registration, make changes to your registration (such as edits & even change locations or to online), watch link, in-person ticket, VOD, event history, On-Demand access within your GLN Account*.


Additionally, our Service Engagement Team is available for any additional questions that may not be reflected on our comprehensive list or within your GLN Account.

We invite you to submit a ticket where we can connect with you directly.

If we determine that your question or concern is best resolved over the phone, we will do what we can with the capacity at which we are able. 

We appreciate your understanding!



*Please make sure to use the email address associated with your registration(s) when you sign up or sign in to your GLN Account.

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